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A wine designed to eliminate every opinion but your own


13th Street Winery



When it comes to trying new things, whether it’s a movie, travel destination or restaurant, we are all influenced by external opinions - especially in the form of reviews. This is particularly true in the wine world, where we are constantly told what to think about a wine long before we’ve had a chance to try it for ourselves.

Our choices are then further influenced by ratings, reviews, price and varietal…the typical indicators of a wine’s taste. That’s why we introduced Subjectif, a bottle that finally removes these influences and allows us to decide for ourselves what we think of a wine.

A bottle of wine completely neutral

We came up with the idea of designing a bottle of wine that is completely neutral - a stealth design, hiding all information that could sway your opinion, while still remaining visually compelling. Typography played a large part in this – by blocking out certain dots of the custom dot-matrix font, we were able to achieve the effect of letters revealing themselves as the wine in the bottle emptied.

The series includes 12 varietals, identically priced and uniquely packaged in a way that only reveals what you’re drinking after you’re done drinking it. By eliminating the possibility of any external influences, all that’s left is the only opinion that truly matters: your own.

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Founded in 1998, 13th Street Winery is a premium, family-owned and operated winery in the Niagara Peninsula, specializing in small lots of estate-grown and handcrafted table and sparkling wines. With an emphasis on Gamay as well as 12 different varietals, 13th Street Winery produces approx. 25,000 cases per year, with about 6,500 of those cases sold directly through the LCBO.