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A new face for the Zoo de Granby

“Our new brand identity perfectly encapsulates and unifies this mission with its modernity and dynamism, boldly launching a new era for the Zoo de Granby.”

Élaine Plamondon

Sales Director, Marketing and Communications, Zoo de Granby


Zoo de Granby


Branding and Design

Zoo the Granby’s new identity represents an ambitious phase of development and allows it to enter a bold new era. It is more current, more welcoming to the public and encompasses all of the Zoo’s activities.

This flexible, playful and modern platform, which will continue to grow over time, reflects the Zoo’s ambitions to become not only one of the premier tourist destinations in northeastern North America but to be recognized as a global leader in animal conservation

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The Zoo de Granby is a non-profit organization, founded in 1953. Its mission is to offer an enriching, entertaining and educational experience aimed at creating animal conservation awareness for a diverse clientele of all ages. During its peak tourist season, it employs more than 800 people. The direct and indirect economic fallout for the Zoo de Granby is evaluated at $50M annually, an increase of more than 75% since 2004.