lg2 is the largest independent creative agency in Canada.

At lg2, we believe information is nothing without an insight.
And that an idea is only as good as its execution.

  • Innovation

    All of our clients know that innovation is essential to their company’s success, but many admit to being unable to innovate by themselves. Our mission at lg2’s innovation lab is to develop marketable new inventions, products and services that will generate new revenue streams for our clients, as well as stimulating long-term brand growth.
  • Strategy

    Developing breakthrough strategy means stepping off into the unknown with our feet planted firmly on the ground. It means transforming data into inspiration.
  • Packaging

    As 80% of purchase decisions are made in-store, we’re in a constant battle to attract attention. To create desire. To inspire the consumer to take action. With precision, creativity and strategic insight, lg2 uses packaging design to win the battle for our brands at the point of sale.
  • Branding & Design

    Design without meaning is just decoration. At lg2, we focus on expressing the true soul of a brand, making it irresistible to consumers. From ambitious up-and-comers to complex international organizations, our goal is to make our clients’ brands the leader in their categories.
  • Digital experience

    More than 60 experts in strategy, user experience (UX), design, technology, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, content and performance help brands develop and implement digital experiences, services and technological platforms that link them to their customers on a daily basis.
  • Architecture

    lg2 creates unique experiences. Enabling brand expression through a physical space means calling on all five senses in order to bring it to life.
  • Content

    Brands should only tell stories that people want to hear. Our content team creates, produces and deploys content in a multitude of formats and channels that keep brands current, more culturally relevant and more closely connected to their communities.
  • Advertising

    At lg2, we believe advertising remains the formidable way to create strong bonds between brands and their target audiences. But to do that, you need to tell the most compelling stories on the right platforms, at the right moment. Stories that are rooted in customer insights. Stories that are remarkable and memorable. This is how the best ideas become drivers of our clients’ growth.

Seize the opportunity

Seizing the opportunity is about finding the best strategic, creative and technological solutions to create a meaningful connection with consumers and our clients’ brands.

Create another one

Creating an opportunity is about anticipating the future needs of today’s consumer. Blending our experience and instinct to not just do what has been asked of us. But to push past the ask for solutions that exceed all of our clients’ and their consumers’ expectations.