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What if Québec City was the next location for The White Lotus?

LG2 and Destination Québec cité launch a bold new campaign to woo HBO’s hit series to town

Inspired by the fervour surrounding HBO’s hit series The White Lotus, Destination Québec cité (DQC) and creative agency LG2 have extended a special invitation to Mike White, the show’s acclaimed creator: What if a future season was set in Québec City? This dark comedy, which explores the lives of pampered guests visiting a fictional luxury resort chain, takes place in a different idyllic setting each season. The DQC pitch, presented in the style of a travel brochure, highlights charming Québec City, along with its spectacular surrounding landscape, and presents it as the location extraordinaire for the next season ofThe White Lotus.

The region’s natural grandeur, the iconic Fairmont Le Château Frontenac overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the cobblestone streets reminiscent of European capitals are all featured in a bilingual, social-media savvy document that shows why Québec City is a destination worthy of the series.

“Shows like The White Lotus can have a significant impact on a location. For hours on end, fans will captively follow a story set in a charming destination and dream about taking a vacation there. The idea was to create a bid package, like major cities do for the Olympics, but for the next season of this hit HBO series.”

Robert Mercure

General Manager, Destination Québec cité