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The 6 consumer segments that will shape Canada's economic recovery

Webinar you can watch here - The Commercial Shift: The Recovery (Phase 4)

Christian Bourque
, Executive Vice-President, Léger and Keith Barry, Partner, Vice-President, Strategy, Toronto, lg2

After the shock and chaos have passed, the traces left by the crisis will continue to be diverse and important. For some, the recovery represents a renewal. For others, it’s a return to the way things were. Each consumer segment has a different mental outlook which strongly influences their consumption choices, expectations and demands they place on companies and the customer experience brands offer. As a result, companies need more than ever to understand what defines and characterizes today's consumer in order to address the new possibilities offered by the current economic and social recovery and to make better business decisions.

Find out more in our study, The Commercial Shift: The Recovery, conducted jointly with Léger. This fourth phase of analysis examines changes in the attitudes and behaviours of Canadian consumers one year into the COVID-19 pandemic and which are set to continue in the coming months. The results of this study will be presented in an exclusive webinar.

What the consumer segments mean for a company’s actions

The identification of six new consumer segments that have emerged with the post-pandemic economic and social recovery provides powerful insights and strategic levers to convert and secure consumer loyalty.

These consumer segments will have a major impact at a number of levels: expected value proposition, types of products and services sought, the evolution of buying local, purchase incentives, the role of digital in the purchasing journey, prioritized modes of transaction, consumers’ relationships with companies and the way they communicate, brand promise and tone, employer branding, etc.

The Journal de Montréal (Saturday, June 12, 2021) and the Financial Post (Friday, June 18, 2021) have taken a recent interest in these segments.

The full, detailed study is made available to interested businesses.

1 Euphorique
2 Confortable
3 Craintif
4 Inebranlable
5 Debrouillard
6 Abattu