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Lorem ipsong — the only song that sings to all creatives

Press release – Toronto, Thursday October 20, 2022

Music agency creates song using Lorem ipsum as lyrics to connect creative professionals through the international language of advertising and design

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet… If you work as a creative in advertising or design, then you already know these words by heart as the placeholder text for previewing layouts and visual mockups. This was the starting point for a collaboration between creative agency LG2 and Circonflex, a music agency with studios in Montréal, Toronto and Paris.

Lorem ipsum is the only common language used by creatives everywhere, no matter their mother tongue, which makes it the perfect text to get the attention of creatives around the world. Using this shared language for its lyrics, “Lorem Ipsong” is an infectious original track composed by Circonflex, designed to show off their musical chops and connect the international creative community with the universal language of contagious melodies. If Circonflex can turn lorem ipsum into a banger this good, then just imagine what kind of magic they can dream up for your projects.

Every great song needs a great video, so LG2 created a video that animates the lorem ipsum text, bringing to life the once-meaningless lyrics. Mastered at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios, “Lorem Ipsong” is available on all music streaming platforms along with YouTube and social media.

“We know that creatives are part of an international community and lorem ipsum is the universal language that we all use. We made this track to bring the industry closer together around our shared language—the first song created just for creatives.”

Paul-Étienne Côté

CEO and founder at Circonflex

“No matter how crazy your concept, we make sure to bring every project to life with the accent on perfect sound and music. Circonflex is the production house you need to talk to—in any language—if you want to make something extraordinary.”


Circonflex is a full-service post-production studio specializing in music sourcing and original music composition for advertising. They are headquartered in Montréal with studios in Paris and Toronto.