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lg2 adopts new governance model with outside input

Press Release – Montreal, June 15, 2022

Monique Leroux appointed to chair lg2 board of directors

After over 30 years of success that has seen lg2 grow to nearly 500 employees, the company is now adopting a new governance structure that marks an important milestone. It has adopted an innovative, proactive approach to responsible corporate governance by creating a board with both inside and outside directors, chaired by Monique Leroux, who will serve a two-year term.

Joining Leroux is a strong team of inspiring personalities from the broader business community. An equal number of inside directors, drawn from lg2 partners and senior management, will be present to ensure equal representation on the new board. There will be thirteen directors in total:

  • Monique Leroux, C.M., O.Q., FCPA, Corporate Director, Chairman of the Board, lg2
  • Claude Auchu, Partner, CEO, lg2
  • Joe Strolz, Vice-President, Operations, Shopify
  • Julie Tremblay, Corporate Director
  • Nathalie Francisci, CRHA-IAS.A - CRHP-ICD.D, Executive Area President, East, Gallagher
  • Norman Jaskolka, FCPA, CEO of Sweet Park Capital and Chairman of the ALDO Group
  • Ravy Por, Partner, Artificial intelligence and data at Deloitte
  • Alexis Robin, Partner, Executive Vice-President, Brand and Strategic Initiatives, lg2
  • Chris Hirsch, Partner, Vice-President, Executive, Creative Director - Toronto, lg2
  • Marc Fortin, Partner, Head of Product - Montreal, lg2
  • Mireille Côté, Partner, President - Quebec City, lg2
  • Nicolas Baldovini, Partner, Vice-President, Executive Creative Director, Digital Experience, lg2
  • Pénélope Fournier, Partner, President - Montreal, lg2
Leroux Monique 2022 c Alexi Hobbs Consulat

“I’m thrilled to be part of lg2’s success and growth. I believe in the company’s vision of the future, which is about putting creativity to work to create positive impacts for its clients and communities. The main reason I joined the board was to work with people who put their heart into their work and are driven by a can-do spirit, sense of conviction, and progressive values that I fully embrace.”

Monique Leroux

Chair of the Board, lg2

Progressive, proactive governance

With its new board, lg2 is going above and beyond traditional governance practices for private businesses of its size. In Quebec, only 30% of small businesses—fewer than one in three—are governed by a board of directors according to Laval University research institute Centre d’expertise en gouvernance de sociétés. Even among small businesses with boards, few choose to include outside directors.

The new lg2 board members, appointed effective immediately, underwent a rigorous, impartial, and independent selection process. The arrival of recognized leaders from different backgrounds and with broad experience will position lg2 to continue its development and remain an independent Canadian firm at a time when many service companies are being sold to foreign interests. This model fosters a diversity of viewpoints and facilitates recruitment of directors representative of lg2’s areas of expertise, markets, and entire stakeholder community.

The governance review was an unparalleled opportunity for lg2 to make client and talent central parts of its recruitment, talent retention, and business growth efforts and its shareholder model of leadership development. To this end, a new Talent and Leadership Development Council, chaired by Marc Fortin, has been created and will work alongside with the Chair of the Board and the CEO. The goal is to identify and foster emerging talent in a way that secures lg2’s future.

Auchu Claude 2022 c Alexi Hobbs Consulat

“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in lg2’s history. It’s wonderful knowing that we’ll be supported by a board that includes not only lg2’s leaders but some of the biggest names in the business community. Bringing Monique Leroux on as board chair sends a clear message that lg2 is a mature player and appealing employer on the Canadian creative scene.”

Claude Auchu

Partner, CEO, lg2

An experienced Board Chair

Monique Leroux shares lg2’s corporate vision and understands that the firm has the drive and potential to realize it fully in Quebec, across Canada, and around the world, making her the ideal chair to guide a mature company toward its growth and development vision.

Ms Leroux is a highly experienced businesswoman and corporate director known for such high-profile roles as chair and CEO of Desjardins Group (2008 to 2016) and chair of the board of directors of Investissement Québec. Today, Ms. Leroux is a senior advisor with Fiera Capital and board chair of both the Government of Canada’s Industry Strategy Council and the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec (CMADQ). She also holds key board appointments with leading international firms. She is a member of the Order of Canada, an officer of the Ordre national du Québec, and a Chevalier of the French Légion d’honneur.

Monique Leroux has a history of collaboration with lg2 that began through the Fondation de l’Institut de cardiologie de Montréal.

The new lg2 board of directors. 
Left to right, top down : Monique Leroux, Claude Auchu, Mireille Côté, Chris Hirsch, Alexis Robin, Nicolas Baldovini, Pénélope Fournier, Marc Fortin (observer member), Ravy Por (observer member), Joe Strolz, Norman Jaskolka, Nathalie Francisci et Julie Tremblay.
Lg2 CA 2022 c Alexi Hobbs Consulat et clg2 2022

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