Drapeau AYO 2022

LG2, 2nd best design agency in Canada in 2022

LG2 has won Silver in the “Design Agency of the Year” category this year, following the Strategy’s Agency of the Year Gala in Toronto. This is the fifth time LG2 has been recognized in this category since it was introduced to the competition six years ago. Once again, this win confirms two things: LG2's reputation in design, both in Canada and internationally, and the holistic approach of our expertise.

Crouchman Ryan 2022 c Alexi Hobbs Consulat

“Marketing approaches and channels are ever-changing, but at the core of everything is the brand, guided by strategy and crafted by designers. The language of design has always connected with people on various levels – some rational, others emotional, and it’s our job to make sure we build brands that can do both, and then have fun expressing them in different creative ways based on the brief tactics and media plan.”

Ryan Crouchman

LG2 partner, VP and ECD of design

About Strategy’s Agency of the Year contest

Strategy's annual Agency of the Year competition brings together agencies in the creative, media, digital, public relations and design disciplines to compete for the title of best agency in Canada.