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Let’s change this: launch of the 13th annual Bell Let’s Talk Day

Press release – Montreal, Monday, January 9, 2023

Today, for the 13th consecutive year, Bell is launching the Bell Let’s Talk Day campaign, a major annual event focused on mental health. In the runup to the official day on January 25, the month-long campaign highlights the mental health challenges Canadians face and urges each of us to keep the conversation going and help create positive change. The campaign Let’s change this takes a simple creative approach to deliver honest, relatable messages. Real statistics and raw emotion expose the need to provide more support for mental health in Canada.

In a variety of ads, the campaign features alarming statistics about anxiety, lack of access to help, opioid addiction and suicide. It takes a bold approach, both in terms of its message and call to action. The 13th annual Bell Let’s Talk Day takes the campaign to the next stage with video and radio ads to inspire people to create positive change. Started over a decade ago, the nationwide conversation reaches out to Canadians to challenge their thinking about mental health. The reality is starkly presented in sobering statistics superimposed on black and white photographs. The campaign’s ads can be found in various media such as OOH, TV, online, print, etc.

“LG2 has been working on the Bell Let’s Talk initiative for over a decade to raise awareness about mental health. It’s a huge creative challenge to find a fresh approach each year, but the ideas to push the conversation further and urge Canadians to take action come straight out of today’s reality and the changes we’re witnessing. The result this year was the simple, evocative line Let’s change this, combined with powerful messages, to call for more action on the situation.”

Nicolas Dion

Partner, Creative Director, LG2

A new Website that keeps the annual conversation going

The Bell Let’s Talk website has been completely revamped by LG2’s Digital Experience group. The new version of the site is designed to raise awareness, inspire and, above all, to help Canadians take action through ongoing access to a variety of tools and resources. Given the general lack of accessibility to mental health care across the country, the website adds to the solutions provided by Canadian organizations and encourages Canadians to seek help or to become changemakers.

“The website experience has been redesigned so that the national conversation around mental health can continue year round. Stories and other content gathered from coast to coast highlight the initiative’s positive impact and the changes that have been achieved at the community level. The website turns the initiative from a one-day event into a constant part of Canadians’ everyday lives.”

Marc-André Dandurand

Creative Director, LG2


The largest-ever corporate commitment to mental health in Canada, Bell Let’s Talk is focused on 4 key action pillars – Anti-stigma, Care and Access, Research, and Workplace Leadership – and is part of Bell for Better. Since its launch in 2010, Bell Let’s Talk has partnered with more than 1,300 organizations providing mental health services throughout Canada, including hospitals, universities, local community service providers and other care and research organizations. To learn more, please visit Bell.ca/LetsTalk.