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How to make eco-design a core part of a packaging production process

LG2’s Branding and Design team joined forces with Éco Entreprises Québec to take a look at eco-design in packaging. With the Extended Producer Responsibility program rolling out in 2025, this guide aims to popularize and illustrate solutions that promote eco-design.

It’s time to unwrap a new packaging process that’s sustainable.

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Packaging has to be adapted to meet standards, regulations, specific requirements and more. This often means developing an approach that brings together numerous criteria while making compromises. So how do you figure it all out while separating what’s true from what’s false?

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Want to know about the benefits of ecodesign and taking environmental action? The benefits are many: from economical, such as reduced procurement, printing and transportation costs, to regulatory, such as material bans and extended producer responsibility. With the value ecodesign generates, you can better align your brand with consumers.

Process optimization

A product’s design can be improved to make it more eco-responsible at any stage of the process, no matter how big or small the improvement might be. Every change matters.

Thank you for helping to make packaging eco-design the norm.

You can now download the complete guide.

Packaging eco-design

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