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Environment: Creating social acceptance one action at a time

See the Quilt campaign here

With a mission to “create a positive impact every day,” lg2 isn’t passing up on the challenge to tackle one of the most urgent issues of our era: the fight against climate change. This strategic principle guides our thinking behind every one of our actions, from our creative product to our business relationships. So much so that we are developing a unique expertise in the environmental field. Created for the ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC), the Quilt campaign launched this June and is the latest expression of our environmental objectives and convictions.

Marilou Aubin, Partner, Vice-President, Creative Director, lg2, stresses the importance of putting creativity to work to help shift people’s attitudes and drive lasting change in their behaviours.

Launched this past June, the Quilt campaign contributes to the agency’s goal of creating a positive impact. Reaching out to the entire Quebec population, the initiative invites them to mobilize and take action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

“The campaign’s main purpose is to let people know that they are not alone. There is a movement underway in Quebec and hundreds of actions have already been taken to change the direction the planet is headed in,” explained Marilou Aubin. “By combining our individual efforts with those at the government level, we can make a concrete difference. When everything seems hopeless and nothing helps, we don’t act. When we feel that progress is possible and that we can be part of something bigger, however, then we get on board,” she added.

The idea of the quilt nicely ties into this insight: Each section features an important project or daily action that allows Quebecers to collectively reduce the GHGs they produce, providing a visual snapshot of all the efforts underway in the province.

Marilou Aubin expects that governments around the world will have no choice but to impose far-reaching measures in the coming years in order to meet GHG reduction targets. The population needs to realize that action is urgently needed if they are to ultimately accept these significant measures which will have consequences for how they live.

“We’ve been living under restrictions brought on by COVID-19 health measures, with stay-at-home orders and mandatory mask wearing. We wanted to create a positive campaign within this reality, to celebrate the steps already taken and the small things that we can easily integrate into our daily lives – ultimately creating a sense of hope.”

Honing an expertise

With the Quilt campaign “covering” our positioning as an organization engaged in creating real progress, we will continue to reflect on how to better define our offer in terms of responsible solutions to help make Quebec and Canada greener.

“We want to work with brands that share this desire to make a positive impact. We have partnered with Hydro-Québec and Hilo, two companies that are leading the energy transition. That’s an obvious example. But there is also Vivre en ville, advocating for a lifestyle that minimizes our energy footprint, or even Éco Entreprises Québec, a key player in the circular economy.”

Marilou Aubin mentions that the agency has welcomed environmental and sustainable development experts to the team in order to consolidate its expertise and equip itself with the right resources to bring its ambitions to life.

“This is a priority for us in terms of our services, just like in packaging or digital experience, for example. We are conscious of the resources that these fields consume and we are investing to mitigate this negative impact, especially when it comes to energy. All our different disciplines are engaged in helping brands build a healthier future.”

At lg2, we are partnering with our clients to lay the groundwork for a better Quebec for future generations. That’s our goal, and one we strive for each day.