100 days of oxygen

Claude Auchu v2 9x11

“100 days before the end of the year, I impressed on our 350 employees that they have every right to disconnect. Turns out they had forgotten!”

Claude Auchu

Partner, CEO & Chairman, lg2

At lg2, you’ll hear it said “to have ideas inside the agency, you need a life outside of it.”

We need to oxygenate the brain with stimulating discoveries that have zero to do with our business projects; draw a line between our downtime and work time, between co-workers and friends, between the lunchroom and our kitchens. A line that allows us to appreciate both sides of the coin. It’s the same line that makes an athlete rest up after training in order to come back fully recharged and ready to start all over again.   

Today, however, this line is blurred. Gone and forgotten. Inside and outside occupy the same space; conference room and the living room sofa too. The pandemic has weakened this critical space between personal and professional. Everything is now on the same side of the screen...

As leaders, we have a duty to put in place all the measures necessary to take care of the work hygiene of all our talents. Our decisions, our ideas, our advice, our relationships, our work – all rest on the well-being of our talents. That’s what also makes our agency stand apart. And why clients choose us. It’s all interconnected.

Read the full text of our CEO here, published on October 15, 2020.