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An international appointment for LG2’s Rachael Abram

Rachael Abram, a Content Director in our Toronto office, is attending Worldwide Partners Inc.’s (WPI) Global Summit in Amsterdam next week as part of their brand-new Next Gen Council! We talked to Rachael to find out what it’s all about. Read all about it here.

Tell us about WPI and the Next Gen Council.

Worldwide Partners Inc. (WPI) was founded over 80 years ago by a group of independent advertising agencies hoping to learn and grow through one another while maintaining their most important feature – their independence. LG2 joined the WPI network back in early 2020 to help us extend our global knowledge base and better assist our clients with their international business.

The Next Gen Council is a newly formed committee of selected nominees that are meeting for the first time at WPI’s annual Global Summit. We are comprised of 10 representatives of WPI Shareholder agencies, representing Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America, and reflect diverse backgrounds, perspectives, voices and capabilities from across the network.

What are your goals for the conference?

WPI’s Global Summit, APERTURE 2022, is an annual opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues and opportunities facing our industry and to gather perspectives on culture to creativity, from clients and consumers to talent and technology.

For the Next Gen Council, this inaugural meeting will be our first step at working alongside WPI board members and HQ staff to inform and develop the strategies that will reflect the network. Our immediate scope is to:

  • Develop strategies for broadening awareness of and engagement with WPI beyond the agency owners.
  • Identify opportunities for expanding collaborations between partner agencies.
  • Inform the evolution of WPI’s offering to more effectively support our partners and their clients, and to enhance the employee experience at partner agencies.

“I’m really excited to be part of the Next Gen Council because it means I’ll have a hand in helping create pathways to partnership with other agencies around the world.”

Rachael Abram

Content Director, LG2

What should people at LG2 know about WPI and the Council?

Our participation in the WPI network can be a really exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with other independent agencies on a global scale. Not only is it an excellent channel for new business, but we can also work with our network partners to create for markets we otherwise likely wouldn’t get access to.

I’m really excited to be part of the Next Gen Council because it means I’ll have a hand in helping create pathways to partnership with other agencies around the world.

What are you looking forward to doing in Amsterdam outside of the conference?

The last time I was in Amsterdam was about eight years ago, so I’m really excited to see the city in a totally different state of mind. I’m mostly planning on wandering aimlessly around as many museums and galleries as I can squeeze in and enjoying some solo picnics and reading time in the parks.

About WPI's Global Summit

WPI’s Global Summit APERTURE 2022 will turn the spotlight on the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the creative industry while continuing to explore the characteristics and behaviours of the agency of the future.