Vice-President, Finance

Job description




Permanent position

The Vice-President, Finance, plays a leading role in supporting the CEO and Presidents of the various offices in the strategic financial planning of the company. They also play a key role in integrating all lg2 activities to ensure the agency’s success and sustainable growth. Based in Montreal, they oversee the national finance team while maintaining a presence in the Quebec City and Toronto offices.


– Preparation and execution of budgets and ongoing monitoring of various financial reports

– Supervision of accounting services, treasury, revenues, tax issues and risk management

– Preparation and analysis of the company’s different performance indicators

– Continuous evaluation and optimization of accounting processes and financial systems

– Representation and negotiation on behalf of the company with financial institutions and partners

– Coordination and control of legal commitments (insurance, lease, subcontracting, etc.) and negotiation of major contracts

– Responsible for legal, administrative and regulatory obligations

– Directs the preparation of documents for the board of directors

– Experience in mergers and acquisitions (analysis of investment projects, development of new territories, acquisitions, etc.)

– Ensures the entire grant application process to government authorities

– Participates in the development of strategic business planning

– Contributes actively to the management committee

– Staffing, coaching and development of their team

The ideal candidate

  • 7 to 10 years of experience in a role as CFO or Vice-President, Corporate Finance Services
  • CPA or CA with a strong entrepreneurial, proactive, unifying and charismatic nature
  • Innovative leader who can support the agency’s growth and projects
  • Proven team player, curious about the creative product and interested in the challenges of the industry
  • Hungry for growth, results and opportunities
  • Experienced in mergers and acquisitions
  • Bilingual and available for occasional trips
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fluid situation
  • Industry experience would be an asset
  • Experience outside of Canada would be an asset

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lg2 is the story of two entrepreneurs. Sylvain Labarre (the “L”) and Paul Gauthier (the “G”). The two of them, along with Gilles Chouinard, started to build a small agency with big ambitions. More than 25 years later, with over 250 talented employees and thousands of awards for some of the most innovative and well-known brands in the world, the founders’ relentless focus on their people and their product remains just as strong. And their bold ways have since been successfully passed on to over 20 new entrepreneurs, who work just as tirelessly to preserve our independence and creatively driven business model.

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