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The love bug contagious and mobilizing

“We wanted to give a completely different meaning to the song 'La Maladie d’amour.' When it is performed or directed by real patients and caregivers, it really adds something special to it.”

- Guillaume Bergeron, Copywriter

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Fenplast is metal-proof

“Demonstrating the effectiveness of a product convinces us on a rational level. When it also touches the collective imagination, it convinces us to like the brand.”

- Andrée-Anne Hallé, Copywriter

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Making dreams travel with bold simplicity

“Other travel companies take their clients from A to B. We wanted to show how Air Canada Vacations can take them from A to C, with a coffee at H, some shopping at M and even a quick dip in the sea at Q.”

- David Kessous, Creative Director, Design

01 The You Inside Project
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Changing the world one Sam at a time

“It took 2 years to bring Sam to life. Now it’s Sam’s turn to start changing lives.”

- Jean-Philippe Dugal, Graphic designer

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Give-A-Care finds the right words

“Young women with cancer don’t need flowers or cards; they need support and understanding.”

- Nellie Kim, Partner, Vice-President, Creative Director

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