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For a strong digital footprint worthy of Boréale

“After rethinking our brand identity and packaging, and creating the must-visit Relais Boréale, our digital experience needed to be equally one-of-a-kind.”

- Érika Godbout, Director of Marketing and Communications

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Showcasing Quebec products

“It’s a massive challenge to update a brand that not only involves 1,200 members, but appears on some 22,000 products and is a part of Quebecers’ daily lives. Our new platform reflects the dynamic energy of the local agri-food industry.”

- Marie Beaudry, Executive Director, Aliments du Québec

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Some see a city. We see a giant playground

“There is a one-of-a-kind creative energy in Montreal. And it’s this contagious energy that we injected into the heart of the brand platform.”

- Emmanuelle Legault, VP of marketing and strategy, Tourisme Montréal

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Ubisoft invites fans to face their own breakpoints

“When the team came to me and said they wanted to have a fan try out the game while parachuting, I realized that we’re really going to push the limits.”

- Simon Joly, Senior Marketing Manager, Ubisoft Canada

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Quebec cider shows off its unique character

“Cider has long been considered a marginal alcohol. With this new brand image, we embrace this perception, and even use it to our advantage.”

- Catherine St-Georges, Executive Director, Producteurs de cidre du Québec

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