We are the sum of all our talents.


Strategy at lg2

At lg2, Strategy is all about global brand ideas and experiences. These ideas shape culture, create more engaged relationships between organizations and citizens and deliver tangible results. With stories, content, identities, spaces and technological tools that deserve to be told, shared, visited and used. To be part of the Strategy team at lg2 is to be guided by inspiring leadership that balances business and people.

We seek

Our Strategy team is solid and our expertise is varied. That’s why we’re looking at you, creative minds and colourful personalities, to explore new horizons with us. You have an eclectic background, offbeat experience and education and unusual passions and you bring a different cultural perspective, a new way of seeing the world and you want to share it. That's all good. We do too.


The Strategist is responsible for a brand’s strategic leadership and for directing the various talent working to realize the project entrusted to them. This talent may be other strategists, analysts or expert leads from various fields, from architecture to business intelligence. The Strategist exerts a positive and unifying influence, knows how to mobilize the troops and has a strong vision. They know how creativity serves inspiration and how rigour serves coherence.


  • Works closely with creative and consulting colleagues to develop creative solutions that make a difference in our clients' businesses.
  • Responsible for developing and delivering presentations.
  • Conducts collaborative work sessions.
  • Supports clients at every stage of solution development, from branding to communication and deployment plans to performance measurement.
  • Ensures the consistency and cohesion of strategic projects.
  • Acts as a liaison between the client's various strategic experts.
  • Directs consumer research projects with external partners.
  • Helps teams with different expertise develop recommendations and ensures overall coherence.
  • Inspires teams with strong, clear and concise strategies and keen insights.
  • Works together with other Strategy members on a regular basis.
  • Shares knowledge and insights to foster collective intelligence.
  • Contributes to business development and strategic product innovation.

Ideal Candidate

  • Education in marketing, communications, business, art, anthropology, journalism or other relevant training.
  • Minimum of 5 years in strategy, marketing management or relevant (or offbeat) equivalent experience
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs
  • Bilingual
  • Excellent ability to synthesize information
  • Curious, open-minded, interested in both business and people
  • Demonstrated leadership and ability to mobilize and motivate
  • Good storytelling ability
  • Mastery of an agency’s creative development processes, knows and understands the different roles, their interactions and a project’s developmental sequence (asset).