Back-End Developer

We are the sum of all our talents.


We’re looking for a talented developer for back-end. We’ll decode your role in clean, simple terms: analyze our digital projects and come up with new functionalities. The successful candidate will have three years of experience, enjoy implementing solid solutions to meet client needs and is keen to work with a team and contribute ideas to improve the internal workflow. Your daily tools include the GNU/Linux operating system and CraftCMS (or equivalent). You aspire to be a DevOps ? You are adept at GIT, object-oriented PHP (7+) programming, API structure and service-oriented architecture. Last but not least, you have relevant experience in another language other than PHP such as Java, Python, C++, etc.

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Ideal candidate

  • Have a single work mode: problem-solving
  • Strong interest and knowledge of technology
  • An orchestra conductor at heart (because you’ll be handling several projects at once)
  • Passionate about ideas and a strong desire to break new ground
  • “Get it done” attitude, even when the going gets tough