Give-A-Care finds the right words

“Young women with cancer don’t need flowers or cards; they need support and understanding.”

- Nellie Kim, Partner, Vice-President, Creative Director


Rethink Site Web Nouveau 2


4 Rethink Care Guidelines
5 Rethink Emballage
6 Rethink Care Guidelines Spread
7 Rethink Greeting Card

Design and packaging

8 Rethink Montage Produits

9 Rethink Hand Cream 2

10 Rethink Lipstick Box 2

11 Rethink Candy Lemon 2

12 Rethink Tissue Pack 2

13 Rethink Lube 2

14 Rethink Hand Sanitazer 2

In short


Rethink Breast Cancer


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